market research

As a consultancy involved in only transportation issues we can contribute a deeper insight to travelers' perspectives and have developed a full spectrum of research methodologies and analyses to best meet the particular needs of transportation problems.

We offer clients a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative market research capability covering: research assessment, questionnaire design, fieldwork, analysis and reporting. We are at the leading edge in the development and refinement of new research methodologies and have a proven track record of successfully completed research projects. Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods in this way, we believe we can best derive innovative and practical solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of people both now and the future.

Our quantitative market research capability, founded upon stated preference, covers the full range of statistical methods including random, cluster and quota sampling methodologies through to statistical modelling with normal, poisson and other error structures.

Our qualitative expertise has been widely used to offer a fundamental understanding of travel choice mechanisms. Our research findings have been used as evidence at Public Inquiries and as support for grant applications, including LTP submissions. We cover the full range of social surveys including:-

  • Group discussions
  • In-depth and attitudinal interviews
  • Stated preference game playing
  • Corporate interviews including management and employees
  • Household, diary and telephone interviews
  • Pavement and car park interviews
  • Roadside, bus and train interviews
  • Numberplate and journey time surveys
  • Counts, enumeration and census

    The consultancy undertakes market research projects for:-
  • Traffic and transportation planning
  • Stated and revealed preference research
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research studies
  • Market modelling studies.