Software and Systems

We develop software for clients and we have developed our own commercial software products which support our leading-edge transport modelling consultancy services.

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transport modelling software for
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Peter Davidson's Visual Transport Modeller (Visual-tm) helps transport planners to provide more sustainable and effective solutions to transport problems.

We can supply that software either on a consult-assist basis or outright. This enables clients to undertake their own transport modelling using the latest techniques and technologies.

We offer software consultancy service both for the development of information technology systems and for new software solutions, including web database, object  oriented analysis, design and implementation. 

We can build Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for most computing environments. Our existing packages include a variety of features such as database technology, digitized maps, graphical editing, scanned images and expert query systems.

We have our own low level class library for transportation solutions. These have been used to develop several software products.

We have the following implementation skills:
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • C/ C++, Visual Basic, Java/ J++, Windows API, MFC, ActiveX, Com, Dcom
  • Database Technology (Access, SQL, MYSQL, SQL Server)
  • Operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux,
  • Servers, webservers, PHP, Java, C/C++, ASP, CSS, HTML, XML
  • ARC Info, MapInfo, MapPoint
The Consultancy offers a number of specialist transportation software and data products available for purchase. These include our re-engineered transport modelling software, Visual-tm version 4, which is especially geared to helping you produce more sustainable transport solutions.