Stated Preference

As part of our specialist transportation activities, we are one of the few consultancies expert in undertaking stated preference (sp) market research for clients and are at the forefront of the development of new sp experimentation techniques. The consultancy's principal is an international expert on sp.

sp provides a realistic method of forecasting the demand for a new mode of transport. It can be used to forecast future travel choice and to design for a more sustainable transport system in the future. Augmented by other market research methods, it can provide much deeper insight into travel behaviour. It is particularly suitable for developing public transport solutions for Local Transport Plans.

Attitudinal market research can produce misleading results in situations where people may say one thing, but do something quite different. sp can be used to cut through this problem by offering travel choices to a structured statistical design.

Here are some brief details about some projects we have conducted in this area.

Truro Stated Preference Study

Date: 2005

This project was conducted in conjunction with Mouchel Parkman. The aim of the study was to collect local coefficients of choice for travelling into Truro and to ascertain the propensity of travellers to switch to a proposed new park and ride system.

The study involved undertaking a sample of 300 stated preference interviews within Truro across a number of target market segments including residents and visitors and long and short stay car parkers.

Results from the survey were analysed to produce choice coefficients which were fed into a simple spreadsheet mode choice model to illustrate the potential shift to park and ride if the new scheme was implemented.

This project was successfully completed in September 2005 and is currently being extended to incorporate a model of car parking choice which can be used by Cornwall County Council as part of a major scheme bid for funding. This extension to the project is currently underway.

The Eden Project Stated Preference Study

Date: 2004

Working in conjunction with Mouchel Parkman, The Eden Project and Sustrans, the cycling charity, this study was to investigate the propensity of visitors to The Eden Project to travel there on sustainable transport modes. Congestion entering The Eden Project was a major problem particularly in the summer months and alternative modes were being investigated. These alternative modes included an improved park and ride system, cycle hire with high quality cycle trails and other integrated transport packages.

Our role was to undertake a sample of 1000 attitudinal surveys along with 300 stated preference games. The results from the stated preference research were used to derive mode choice coefficients which were implemented into a simple mode choice model to forecast the potential usage of the alternative modes.

Ashford Park and Ride Study

Date: 2004

Working in conjunction with RPS Transport Planning this project was an extension to the Ashford Area Strategic Transport Model which PDC had recently produced for the client. The aim of this project was to investigate the likely usage of new park and ride services in Ashford.

This project entailed undertaking a stated preference survey of over 200 people in Ashford. Mode choice coefficients were derived from this research which were used in a simple mode choice model. This mode choice model was used to forecast patronage on the new park and ride service.


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