our people


Peter Davidson - Managing Director

Peter is a chartered civil engineer, experienced transport planner, international expert on transport modelling and principal of his own consultancy. The consultancy was formed in 1988, to consolidate his specialist skills in transportation planning, research, software engineering and more recently business and finance. His background includes twenty five years experience spanning civil engineering, transportation and computing. He has worked overseas in Europe, Jordan, Hong Kong, Malasia, Algeria, Morocco, Dubai, Romania,Qatar, Bahrain, Azerbijan, Ukraine, Khazahkstan and China. He has applied transport models for urban highways in China, toll roads in Morocco, air travel from Scotland, rail studies for British Rail, Network SouthEast and Railtrack, Light Rapid Transit models for Leeds, Bristol and Kingston. He has used and developed several software suites and software products including TRIPS, MOTORS, SATURN, QVIEW, CONTRAM, EMME2, PARAMICS, COBA, TUBA, ERICA4 and has directed PDC's software activities. He is an international expert on transportation modelling. He has developed and applied new modelling techniques including stated preference to a number of transportation research situations for Eurotunnel, British Rail, Great North Eastern Railway Co, TRL, The Scottish Office, DTLR and the World Bank. His creative technical advances in transport databases and matrix building were key to the success of the ERTM/SERTM Regional Models for the UK Department of Transport. He has recently helped the Romanian Government develop its strategy towards tolled motorways. He is co-ordinated the Europewide MYSTIC Research project for the European Commission which seeks to develop a specialised transport database covering a key section of Europe and is involved in the Compass and DATELINE projects for the EC.

Robert Culley - Senior Consultant

Rob Culley is a senior consultant and experienced project manager with 10 years transport planning and modelling experience with PDC. He is a statistical modeller and physicist with a BSc. (hons.) in physics (1988), an MPhil in physics (1991), two years research experience in laser physics with the university of Southampton and is a graduate member of the Institute of Physics. Since joining PDC in 1997, he has been building and applying statistical transport models, developing modelling software tools, applying and undertaking fundamental research in transport planning. He has developed transport modelling software during a research project for the DfT. This includes the Rail Passenger Matrix software for building 1997 National Rail Matrices from the CAPRI ticketing data collected by the Train Operating Companies. A second project built updated national rail passenger matrices for the year 2000 pre-Hatfield. He developed the Census Matrix Tools software for building National Journey to Work Matrices from the Census data. He developed and applied models for the West Midlands as part of the West Midlands multi modal study in EMME2 and Visual-tm. He has recently been involved in developing models for the Bahrain-Qatar (Visual-tm), Chelmsford (Visual-tm, SATURN), the West Midlands (Visual-tm and EMME2), Teeside (Visual-tm and CUBE), the Corporation of London (SATURN) and Ashford (Visual-tm and SATURN). He is currently project manager for the DfT research project to manage the national origin-destination databank and for helping to specify the next update for the national rail passenger matrix. He has been responsible for developing the Consultancy’s transport modelling software (Visual-tm).

Philip Clarke - Senior Consultant

Philip is a Transport Planner and modeller with 11 years experience of which 5 years have been in transport modeling. Since joining PDC he has developed a range of transportation experience on projects such as Multi-Modal studies for Gloucestershire, Truro, Cheshire, Ashford, Chelmsford, Tees Valley and Bahrain and Qatar. He has overseen the Dateline project, a Pan European travel survey research project and has worked extensively with the PDC suite of transportation planning software with responsibilities including testing, bug fixing and authoring the training documentation. He has also gained experience monitoring Best Value Performance Indicators including the 10-year plan targets. He has excellent experience in O-D Matrix Building using the Department for Transports funded ERICA Matrix Building Software. Philip has also gained project experience with SATURN, TRIPS and EMME2 and has successfully completed the PARAMICS standard training course. Philip also has a working knowledge of ARCADY, PICADY, OSCADY and TEMPRO

Adam Thomas - Transport Planner

Adam joined the company in September 2004 and has been involved in a wide range of transport planning and modelling projects including multi-modal studies for Truro and Gloucestershire, as well as stated preference research. He has also worked on several matrix building projects using the Department for Transport funded ERICA matrix building software and has been involved in building matrices for Surrey County Council, East Grinstead and a large study area in the north-west for the Mersey Gateway project. Adam has worked extensively with the PDC software Visual Transport Modeller with responsibilities including testing, bug fixing, authoring the training documentation and creating demonstration material. He has also obtained project experience in the use of a number of other transport planning software packages including SATURN.