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Visual-tm (short for Peter Davidson's Visual Transport Modeller) is our transport modelling software. Peter has re-engineered the software and this is the result - powerful and versatile yet so easy to use and so simple to set up your models - all with standard Windows . Visual-tm was launched in May 2004 with version 2 in May 2005 and version 3 in May 2006. Version 4 was released on 20th June 2007. Designed for rapid model development, robust data structures and fast implementation which feeds right through to predicting your best value targets - it has all the multi-mode models you need including:

  • Trip distribution, mode split, highway and public transport assignment, capacity restraint,
  • Integrated model development environment - for rapid model building
  • Feed your model through your best value targets for What if...? monitoring and action
  • Integrated forecasting environment - iterate through distribution/ mode split and assignment in minutes rather than hours.
  • And its fast - very fast

New features in version 4:

  • Air Pollution and Accident Sub-Model
  • Activity Based Parking Model
  • Programming Model Objects

Plus all the basic tools:

  • Matrix Viewer
  • Matrix Manipulation Tools
  • OD Data Processing
  • Ploygon Editing
  • Network Converters
  • Interactive Network Generation
  • Desire Line Plotting

And some more advanced features:

  • Transport Database
  • Parking and Park & Ride
  • Performance Indicator Monitoring
  • Accessibility Planning
  • Highway Junction Delay
  • Public Transport Crowding
  • Public Transport Interchange Simulation
  • Time of Day Assignment

It comes in 5 products:

  • Academic edition - 50 zone problem limit, limited functionality. free download
  • Professional edition - for the individual transport modeller 500 zone limit, no matrix building. £460+vat
  • Erica edition - full Erica matrix building with its windows front-end, limited modelling. £920+vat
  • Accessibility edition - full accessibility, limited modelling. £920+vat
  • Corporate edition - for companies and government and other organisations - full functionality. £2300+vat

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