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PD Software
Visual-tm (Peter Davidson's Visual Transport Modeller)
Multi mode transport modelling software including distribution, mode choice, public transport and highway assignment with capacity restraint.
£2300Visual-tmCorporate edition - full functionality.
£920 online Accessibility edition - full accessibility, limited modelling.
£920 online ERICA edition - full matrix, limited modelling.
£460 online Professional edition - 500 zone limit, for individuals.
free onlineAcademic edition - 50 zone limit, no commercial use.
460pd-GreenGreen travel plan software.
1200SphinxStated preference software for planning sustainable transport modes comprising:
sp-AskComputer based stated preference interviewing.
sp-DesignStated preference statistical design.
sp-AnalyseStated preference logit coefficient estimation for mode choice etc.
DfT Software - after extensive research
920 onlineERICA5 Matrix builder with Windows front-end.
460 onlineERICA Matrix builder DOS version.
450 onlineCensus Matrix ToolsBuilds work trip matrices from census & NTS data by mode, car availability, mode chain, by output area/ward/district/county/region. ONS licence included.
£250 (approximately)MapPoint Europe from Microsoft®
£250 (per person per day)Our training courses
  1. Licence prices exclude VAT or local sales tax.
  2. Licence prices are for single-user single-site licences. Multiuser licence price on application.
  3. Prices include ordinary maintenance for 1 year.
  4. Thereafter ordinary maintenance may be purchased at 20% of the prevailing licence price per annum.
  5. Software is available for PC running windows 2000/XP or above.
  6. Prices labelled online are the price for online purchase and downloading the software from Supply by CD incurs an additional handling charge (poa).

Terms and Conditions

Peter Davidson owns the PD software, manual and all other related material and retain all proprietary and other rights. DfT owns the DfT software, manual and all other related material and retain all proprietary and other rights although Peter Davidson owns the low level routines used within Erica. The software must not be altered nor given to a third party nor called by any other name. It is licensed to end users who may install it on their hard disk and make one copy for backup purposes. All further copies must be supplied by us. Peter Davidson, PDC and DfT accept no liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions attributable to the software. The academic version of Visual-tm is only to be used for learning and other non-commercial purposes. The Professional edition is for individuals (not companies, nor organisations). The end user is licensed with the right to use the software.

To download the free Acedemic Edition of Visual Transport Modeller you need to download our software order form and complete it, giving your name, organisation, address and stating that the software you wish to purchase is the free Academic Edition. Please sign and date the form to agree to the licensing terms and conditions and send to us by post (so that we have your original signature agreeing to our licensing terms and conditions) at the address given at the bottom of this page. You can also email it to us. We will email back with instructions so that you can then download the Academic Edition of Visual-tm.

To purchase the software, download our software order form. Please complete the form, giving your name, organisation, address and the software product you wish to purchase. Sign and date the form to agree to the licensing terms and conditions and send to us at the address shown below. You can also email it to us.

Peter Davidson Consultancy, Brownlow House, Ravens Lane, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2DX, England


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